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Grow Your Sales By Focusing On The Customer’s Needs

In this video, you’ll see how you can change just a few words on a landing page to increase your conversions by resonating with the people reading it.

If you’d like to know more about implementing this type of Customer Outcome Focused marketing in your business so you can quickly boost your sales and conversions, let me know a little about your business and what you’ve got going on by filling in this form, and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Nearly 80 Grand Extra From A Simple Change In Product Positioning

In this video, you’ll see how a simple change in product positioning gave a merchant $78,000 in additional profits, every time he ran the promotion.

You can apply this to ANY business, including yours. Press Play to watch

If you’d like my help to reposition or product (or your entire business) by using this formula, or if you’d simply like to have a chat about increasing your profits, let me know a little about your business and what you’ve got going on by filling in this form.

Want My Help To Create A Customized Marketing Plan For Your Business?

It’s no secret that the business owners who work with me one-on-one tend to get the best results. And since most people simply don’t have the time or staff to do all of the “marketing stuff” they know they should be doing, I’ve created a done-for-you service that helps you quickly increase your sales and profits.

There’s no question that if I design, build, and install a complete sales and marketing system for you, you’ll get amazing results.

And the reason I say this is because the strategies we use have been tested and proven across all kinds of different industries, ranging from legal services to e-commerce, to info-marketing and beyond.

What I’ve found is this process just plain works better than anything we’ve ever seen anyone else test.

So – here’s how it works

First of all, we can’t help everyone – and in order for us to help you, you need to meet three simple (but important) requirements:

Here they are:

– You’ve got to sell good stuff. (Meaning that your product/service has to live up to your customers’ expectations.)

– You should already be getting some traffic (or be willing to invest in paid traffic once your system is built)

– Sorry, but no “get rich quick” or “adult” offers…

Initially we’ll get on the phone together to discuss your business and what you’d like to achieve. Then I’ll lay out the whole system for you, help you come up with a plan to deploy it, and show you how we will implement it if we choose to move forward.

If you like the system and believe it will help you, we can discuss creating the customised campaigns for you. If you like the plan but don’t want me to help you implement it into your business, no problems. You’ll have my blessing to take what we’ve developed together and run with it yourself, and we can part as friends.

If you do decide you’d like my help to implement the plan going forward, the typical cost to get started is a retainer of $1,500, and then 20% of the profits I make for you as we roll out your campaigns. That way you only ever pay for results.

Oh, and if we decide to work together and the campaigns I create for you don’t make you at least $5,000 in additional profits in the first month, I’ll refund your retainer and my services will have been free.

Here’s what to do next:

If you’d like to have me walk you through our process and help you find a way to deploy this proven marketing system and tactics in your business, just complete this form in as much detail as possible and let me know a little bit about what you’ve got going on.

(Just basic info. What you sell, list size, web address, etc.)

If I think we might be able to help you, I’ll email you back to set up a time to talk.  If we’re not a good fit, I’ll let you know that as well and if possible, I’ll point you towards somebody else who might be able to help you.

Oh, and please know when we talk on the phone, it will NOT be a sales pitch in disguise. In fact, if you feel I’ve wasted even one second of your time during this call, I’ll immediately give you a crisp $50 note or send you $50 by Paypal to compensate you for your time.

In other words, you really can’t lose.

So – if you want to find out more, just complete this form in as much detail as possible and let me know a little bit about what you’ve got going on.

If it looks like we might be able to help, we’ll set up a time to walk you through it.

Talk soon,

Rocky Tapscott

How to attract high value, long term clients to your accounting practice

by Rocky Tapscott

Email Alchemy has created outstandingly profitable marketing campaigns for a number of accounting clients. Here, in brief summary form, are 8 of the important things we have learned.

1. Customer outcome focus. Every ad, brochure, web page, article or email message you create for your practice should be totally focused on your clients, and the outcome or results they can expect from purchasing your services.

Your clients don’t care about you or the services you provide. They are only interested in how those services can benefit them, and the results they can expect to receive.

2. One and done. The second most important factor is your marketing should focus on capturing your prospect’s contact information at every opportunity.

Use a 2-step process to generate an email list of people who have raised their hands and identified themselves as being interested in your services. Then follow up regularly and offer services using customer outcome focused email marketing.

3. Will you marry me? Most advertising campaigns go straight for the sale, which for most people is going to be too much of a commitment. It’s like asking somebody to marry you on the first date.

Using micro-commitments such as visiting your website to download a free report or watch a free video is usually a far better option for getting the relationship started.

4. Advertising Should Have Value. Most advertising has zero value to the reader, hence most people ignore it. Your advertising should be valuable in and of itself, so the very act of making an offer enhances the reader’s life in some way.

Offering a free report or video in exchange for a person joining your email list is an excellent way to make your marketing extremely valuable, while building a long term relationship with your prospects and customers.

5. Don’t sell products & services. Most practices advertise products and services, which seems to make sense. However customers do not buy products or services, they buy results, solutions, and relief from pain of some kind.

When you focus on the outcome and results your services helps your customers achieve, your marketing message cuts through the hype and BS of your competitors and speaks right to the core of what people want.

6. Visual demonstrations. If you can honestly prove the results of what you offer, visual demonstrations can be a very effective way of converting skeptical prospects into customers.

Free reports and videos are a great way to demonstrate your expertise and the results your clients can expect to achieve.

7. Don’t be boring. People can never be bored into buying a product or service. Unfortunately most ads and marketing messages, particularly for accounting services, are dull, cold and detached.

When you are writing your ads and marketing pieces, hold an image of a friend who is also your ideal customer in your mind, and write your message only to her.

8. Follow up. Research shows most people will not buy the first time they are exposed to you or your services.

This means you must follow up for as long as possible if you are going to generate the highest number of sales. Use email, phone calls and direct mail to consistently follow up with your prospects and customers in a way that adds value.

Is this all we know?

These are only a few of the ways you can make your advertising much more effective. We have created a Free 31 page report entitled The 5 Golden Rules Of NEW Practice Marketing that can help make the difference between outstandingly profitable and mediocre advertising.

The report gives examples of advertising campaigns that adhere to these rules, along with additional marketing insights that will help you to easily attract new high value clients, and keep them coming back to use your services over and over again.

You can download your free copy of this report by clicking on this link and letting us know where to send the information.

How To Get The Maximum Profit From Extracting Your Customer’s Full Lifetime Value

As we talked about in the newsletter, knowing your Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) gives you incredible freedom to generate as many new customers as you want, literally at will.

Just to recap what we covered in the newsletter, your Customer Lifetime Value is the estimated revenue a customer will generate during the entire span of their relationship with your business.

The CLTV includes not just the first purchase your customers make (because there may not be any profit in that purchase if you use the strategy we discussed in the newsletter), but also how much a customer is likely to spend (on average) in the future as they buy more products and services from you.

When you understand how much revenue each new customer will bring you, you know how much you can spend on attracting a new customer into your business. Oh, and if you haven’t calculated your Customer Lifetime Value yet, you can use this free CLTV Calculator to do it now (it opens in a new window so you won’t lose your place).

The awesome infographic below was created by KISSmetrics, and it shows you in even more detail how to calculate the lifetime value of your customers using Starbucks as an example, and how you can use that information to optimize your marketing and advertising budget.

Customer Lifetime Value

So How Can You Boost Your Customer Lifetime Value

The fastest way to increase your CLTV is to segment your customers based on what they are interested in (what they have purchased, or what they have asked for more information on), and how much they have spent with you. And once you have them segmented like this, send them offers for products and services they are very likely to want to buy.

You can easily double or triple your conversion rates when you offer people the exact thing they want to buy, and your customers will be delighted that you did. In marketing terms, it’s kinda like shooting fish in a barrel, but without all the death, blood and mess of course…

There’s something else very important you can see on the infographic above – research shows if you can get just a 5% increase in your customer retention, you can increase your profits by anything from 25% to 95%. The same study found it costs six to seven times more to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one.

So what does this mean? When you do everything you can to delight your existing customers, cater to their needs, and make them feel special, not only will it boost your retention rate, but your customers’ Long Term Value will get a huge boost as well.

Here’s what to do next

If you’d like to start immediately increasing your Lifetime Customer Value, complete this form in as much detail as possible and I’ll get in touch with you to schedule a free Strategy Session and together we can lay out a plan for you to get started right away.

How To Write Your Email Sequences

As I said in the email, the best way to get people to take action when it comes to your email messages is to create email sequences instead of just sending ad-hoc emails that aren’t connected in any way.

Here’s a video that shows you how I do this when I’m writing emails for myself and for clients.

If you have any questions, or if you’d like to discuss having a high converting email sequence created for your business, feel free to get in touch by using this contact form.

Talk soon,

Rocky Tapscott
Email Alchemy

How An Email Sequence Increased Seminar Attendance By 600%

In this video, you’ll see how a simple email sequence helped an Accounting Firm increase attendance at a series of informational seminars by 600%.

You can apply this idea in your own business right away.

Just click the Play button to watch the video below.

If you’d like to download the email sequence notes I mentioned in the video, just Right Click here and save the PDF file to your computer.

And if you have any questions or comments, please let me know by commenting below or contacting me through the Contact Page.

Talk soon,

Rocky Tapscott
Email Alchemy

Register For Your Strategy Session

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