How to attract high value, long term clients to your accounting practice

by Rocky Tapscott

Email Alchemy has created outstandingly profitable marketing campaigns for a number of accounting clients. Here, in brief summary form, are 8 of the important things we have learned.

1. Customer outcome focus. Every ad, brochure, web page, article or email message you create for your practice should be totally focused on your clients, and the outcome or results they can expect from purchasing your services.

Your clients don’t care about you or the services you provide. They are only interested in how those services can benefit them, and the results they can expect to receive.

2. One and done. The second most important factor is your marketing should focus on capturing your prospect’s contact information at every opportunity.

Use a 2-step process to generate an email list of people who have raised their hands and identified themselves as being interested in your services. Then follow up regularly and offer services using customer outcome focused email marketing.

3. Will you marry me? Most advertising campaigns go straight for the sale, which for most people is going to be too much of a commitment. It’s like asking somebody to marry you on the first date.

Using micro-commitments such as visiting your website to download a free report or watch a free video is usually a far better option for getting the relationship started.

4. Advertising Should Have Value. Most advertising has zero value to the reader, hence most people ignore it. Your advertising should be valuable in and of itself, so the very act of making an offer enhances the reader’s life in some way.

Offering a free report or video in exchange for a person joining your email list is an excellent way to make your marketing extremely valuable, while building a long term relationship with your prospects and customers.

5. Don’t sell products & services. Most practices advertise products and services, which seems to make sense. However customers do not buy products or services, they buy results, solutions, and relief from pain of some kind.

When you focus on the outcome and results your services helps your customers achieve, your marketing message cuts through the hype and BS of your competitors and speaks right to the core of what people want.

6. Visual demonstrations. If you can honestly prove the results of what you offer, visual demonstrations can be a very effective way of converting skeptical prospects into customers.

Free reports and videos are a great way to demonstrate your expertise and the results your clients can expect to achieve.

7. Don’t be boring. People can never be bored into buying a product or service. Unfortunately most ads and marketing messages, particularly for accounting services, are dull, cold and detached.

When you are writing your ads and marketing pieces, hold an image of a friend who is also your ideal customer in your mind, and write your message only to her.

8. Follow up. Research shows most people will not buy the first time they are exposed to you or your services.

This means you must follow up for as long as possible if you are going to generate the highest number of sales. Use email, phone calls and direct mail to consistently follow up with your prospects and customers in a way that adds value.

Is this all we know?

These are only a few of the ways you can make your advertising much more effective. We have created a Free 31 page report entitled The 5 Golden Rules Of NEW Practice Marketing that can help make the difference between outstandingly profitable and mediocre advertising.

The report gives examples of advertising campaigns that adhere to these rules, along with additional marketing insights that will help you to easily attract new high value clients, and keep them coming back to use your services over and over again.

You can download your free copy of this report by clicking on this link and letting us know where to send the information.